Friday, September 30, 2016

basilica santi maria degla angeli e dei martiri

Built in the 16th century in the frigidarium of Diocletian's Baths, much to the delight of the pope who commissioned the meridian-aligned sundial in the space, finding it a fitting triumph over pagan time-keeping. The vaults are pure Michaelangelo masterpieces and the trompe-l'œil is well done too!


the meridian

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

basilica papale santa maria maggiore

This basilica is the largest Catholic Marion church in Rome. Though in Rome, it is owned by the Vatican.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Necropolis di Banditaccia

Showing different types of burial practices from the 9th to the 1st century BC, and bear witness to the achievements of Etruscan culture. Which over nine centuries developed the earliest urban civilization in the northern Mediterranean. Some of the tombs are monumental, cut in rock and topped by impressive tumuli (burial mounds). Many feature carvings on their walls, others have wall paintings of outstanding quality. The necropolis near Cerveteri, known as Banditaccia, contains thousands of tombs organized in a city-like plan, with streets, small squares and neighbourhoods. The site contains very different types of tombs: trenches cut in rock; tumuli; and some, also carved in rock, in the shape of huts or houses with a wealth of structural details. These provide the only surviving evidence of Etruscan residential architecture. (UNESCO site)

the pottery

these are the grave markers-the column for a male, house for a female

details of wooden architecture carved into the rock

cist graves