What's This?
I try to make sure I hear the click of a shutter every day. Photography, for me, is about capturing what I enjoy, not about the perfect settings/shot. Mainly you'll see architecture or landscapes; people appear rarely. Please note that clicking on the pictures allows you to see the details...and the beauty is often in the details!
The title is based off of Ludwig Wittgenstein. I chose it as my title because I find that photographs convey so much information and communication but never the same thing to everyone.

I started this as a photo-a-day blog in 2009 when I moved to Dublin, Ireland. Since then I have lived in the US Mid-Atlantic, South Yorkshire, and Northern Greece. I have also worked in various other countries and done some traveling.

Some Rules Set to Myself
(1) should post a photo a week
(2) post-production can't take more than a minute i.e. little to no post-production
(3) photos can be of anything.
(4) self-portraits will be added...hmmm twice a year?

You May Contact Me at mongoosenamedt (at) yahoo

About Me
I am the sort of person who does too many things and moves too often. I have a foot firmly in the past-sometimes literally, I am an archaeologist-and love using cheap vintage cameras. If it fits a film I can get developed I'd like to try it out. I used to carry my digital camera about with me for any occasion, nowadays I'm a little more selective since I carry a film camera. Nevertheless, I love photography for it allows me to revisit all the beauty I've seen and battle my poor memory.

I do other things but this is my most reliable blog. I make things at unwornworld, and talk about worlds contained between two boards at likeiamfeasting.