Sunday, September 21, 2008


Harbor with the largest seagulls I've seen

Junked fisher

Tide Measurement/Sun Angle Measurement?

Walls and birds

My destination, Howth Summit and the beginning of the "cliff walk"

I don't even want to know how expensive this house is, it's above the sea

Cliffs (I did climb to the top of this peak...the hard way)

Note the stick figure falling into the ocean...which is like 1/4 mile from this sign

It was crowded...I never went on those paths, i presume the women wearing heels went on those paths

More heights...the hard way was quite difficult up this

I scaled this wall

SPINY GREEN THINGS. i have no idea what these things are, but they get through corduroy and like 50 of them are in my hands from when i slid a little

went to the howth market, ate lots and lots of muras (wild blackberries), and took the hard way up and down cliffs. it was a great day.

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