Monday, December 8, 2008

Fore Abbey

sacred tree

the offerings (coins) stuck into the bark

all that remains of the cloister arcade


view from the former cloisters of one of the residential towers

missing chimney

the old church's arch

now the stairs lead to nowhere

very medieval tower (with a later addition)

main edifice


  1. the sacred tree is rather like the sacred willow tree at Carn Euny in Cornwall, it has many many offerings of cloth strips, there is also another one at Castle Henleys in Wales, I am learning a lot from your photos.

  2. thanks for your support, mike! I really appreciate it.

    and the concept of the sacred tree is interestingly conventional which i suppose is a statement on the original pagan emphasis on them.
    similar ones can also be found in Spain and France. Interestingly, they are also echoed in Japan, India and Thailand (or so I know through pictures)