Friday, December 5, 2008


these domes are unusual for this style

and what's this at the end?

a chimney? leading to the outside? plugged with terracotta 1907

i appear to lack the creativity to submit self-portraits that are not myspace-y


  1. this picture looks like it was taken in rhoads. the wall color appears identical (not that it's terribly unique for a college dorm, but you get my point). there aren't quite enough photos on the wall for a truly convincing rhoads-imitation though.

    i miss you lots and lots and lots. do you know when you're coming back to the states? internet communication lacks the essential dimension of in-person sarcasm.


  2. yeah, the wall color here is essentially the color of rhoads though the combination of it with the grey carpet that looks more fitting for an office leaves much to be desired. but it could've been worse, i could've gotten the bright red carpet with pink walls. and yeah, the pictures are not as numerous and they're in color but i was limited to what i could fit in my suitcase.
    i miss you so much too! my flight is the 20th.