Tuesday, January 13, 2009


the ornate, 2nd Empire City Hall with William Penn on top peeks over the 1920s Beau Arts skyscraper next to it.


  1. beautiful photos, and books!

    also, this may or may not be crazy, but does your name happen to be teresa?

  2. i like this shot of philly. you manage to make the city seem so... fresh. at this point the city hall is just a landmark to see if i am going west or east, heh.

  3. jen: it is! we briefly went to ALJ together and share friends. random contact and all, i know.

    dj: that's the benefit of loving architecture. old architecture is full of complex details that can't be grasped at one look and certainly can't be remembered completely. suburbia, however, poses many problems to my ability to see things as interesting.

  4. oh crazy! and i thought it was just a wonderful coincidence!

    your books are gorgeous!