Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Hell Week!

My college is best known as a studyholic school. With a rigorous academic reputation, you better believe we feel it. So every year, when Hell Week rolls around it's a very happy break from routine. For one week, the campus is insane in all kinds of goofy, non-harmful ways. basically, each freshwoman gets a Heller from the sophmore class. Their hellers create a schedule of tasks which can range from stealing the president's (of the college) toilet seat to doing something every time a professor says a certain word (like say, economics in a macroeconomic class), etc. Classes are constantly interrupted and since the libraries are hell-free zones, they're the emptiest they'll be all year.

The rugby and crew frosh arguably have the most complex, action-packed, collective tasks. They are technically in rivalry but for the returning of the laundry detergent task, they collaborate. (Social honor code says that since you label your detergent, it's fine to leave it in the laundry rooms.) Last year, the notes apparently admonished you for leaving your stuff lying around.

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