Thursday, July 22, 2010

Avakis Gorge

So our instructions seemed simple, Paul dropped us off at a goat farm in Akamas Peninsula, pointed out 3-4 trees across from a tree with a big shadow and instructed us to walk through that shadow until we hit a dry streambed and to turn LEFT. right would take us inland through another gorge that was "a little tricky". once we turned left we could follow the path. oh there might've been some rock falls we have to climb over but don't climb up the sides of the gorge. all in all, it should be "a pleasant stroll." and it was absolutely lovely! but there was no path, only boulders.

the last thing we saw at the gorge

truck bed ride to akamas!

Volcanic geology

at the goat farm

giving us our directions

the beginning of 'the path'

our new round house totem, in situ

do you see the triumphantly standing goat?

Elena jumping

fallen tree!

dessicated, eroded wood

Andy is our other photographer

Ben's jump


the gorge itself

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