Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fountains Abbey

you can see the extent of the monastery from the plan

The 15th century window must've been tremendous

looking across the nave

peeking towards the altar site

entrance to a side chapel

looking from the chancel

flocks of birds added to the feel of the place

the chapter house...the bases of the columns for the vaulted are visible


earlier round arch and later pointed arch

now truncated spiral staircase

abbot's house

offset arches

the tall arches behind the altar

looking up the tower

down the ambulatory

schoolchildren on a field trip in their mock monk's robes. did we postgrads want some? oh yeah.

more chapter house, you can see the benches

doesn't that look like fun?

final view of the cathedral from a hill, the ruined ground story allows for a relatively flat horizon to the taller central church


  1. the cloister nearly made me jump out of my skin with joy. might this be a place we could visit in april?


  2. hmmm...well. it gets a bit complicated (and thus more expensive)by public transport:

    but it is a fantastic place, i'd be willing to revisit.

  3. a bus sounds fine to me! it's so beautiful.

    someone posted some lovely photos from sheffield on a dw com today:


  4. you would also enjoy york which is also very beautiful.

    and Ecclesall Woods...right next to me. we go dog walking there fairly regularly.