Friday, October 14, 2011

Bolsover Castle-Horse Obsession

William Cavendish who inherited Bolsover Castle in the early 17th century was, quite clearly, obsessed with horses particularly the Spanish riding style from the Viennese school. He devised one of the least comfortable, despite the padding, saddles I've ever sat in for the fancy footwork riding style. His stables-just wow.
 This door is taller than the tallest man on the largest horse (has gotta be 1.5 stories high) and is wide enough to accommodate 3 horses next to each other. Just to give you some scale of the massiveness. It's the entrance to the horse gallery where the horses would exercise and perform.

 the gallery itself with the later addition of a viewing vantage for when William Cavendish got too old to ride but wanted to still watch

 the truss system is absolutely tremendous
 from the viewing gallery you are staring directly
through the attic you can get face to face with the truss system

the comparably simpler stable truss systems

the dress up section

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