Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013!

With the new year is the societal pressure to engage in some navel gazing and deciding about what to do next. For me, this blog is one of those things I've needed to mull over and decide.

I started All Human Communication is Miscommunication on September 2008 and until about April 2012, I dutifully attempted to post a photo a day. In internet terms, a 4 year photo a day blog is a rarer beast and I'm shocked I lasted that long. My photography experienced a drastic upswing in volume and quality and then...it plateaued.

Lately, my photography mojo is just low. It's a chore to carry my camera around, take pictures, transfer to my computer, and then upload. I find I want to take more analog photos but I don't develop those rolls as often as I want ($£€!!) and then those also need to get scanned and cropped and all that.Then there's the fact that I have incorporated photography into other projects. For a month this summer I took about 1,000 photos a day...of little bits of ceramics.

I remember the excitement I used to have about taking my camera around. I remember arriving in Ireland in 2008 with a still-new camera feeling armed for beauty. I look fondly at my portraits of work and play, of beautiful buildings and stunning landscapes. I remember walking around the parks of Sheffield in 2010, 3 cameras in my bag. Photography is something that gives and documents joy!

So instead, I think a better goal for 2013 is a photo a week. Hopefully starting with more modest goals will encourage me to look for the best shot in my days and the week deadlines pull off pressure. I hope I will have weeks when I'm excited and post 30 pictures like I used to get but at the moment, even the 52 photos seems a little bit like work so I'll likely start slow.

Before I hit the publish button, I want to talk about a particularly hilarious spam comment that told me that I really ought to include photos to make my articles pop. Thanks spammer! I wish I had thought of putting photographs on my photography blog!

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