Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Roche Abbey

Founded in 1147, Roche Abbey is the most complete Cistercian abbey floorplan in the UK. Preserved by the 1920s zeal for landscaping, its ruins got buried ready for the partial curtain wall re-erection.

the modern approach


used to lead to the gatekeeper's room

ok, enough atmospheric shots-the gatehouse

standing at the nave's entrance

formerly an interior tombstone

the former rood screen

the later, not-so-Cistercian sedilla cover

you can see the outline of the likely lovely sedilla

view from chancel

transept chapel

view from the cloisters

view down the dining hall

cloister day steps

the dormitory was built over the river

standing in the cloisters


maaaasive fireplace

entrance to a still buried part

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