Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interesting places shouldn't be easy to get to-Wicklow Mountains

a map from Brian that shows our hike...yep

Our first stop, Church

old broken gravestones

up on the top of that mountain? see that 'house'? that's where we were headed, Hellfire Club

Abandoned Botanical Garden in Massy Woods

Abandoned Botanical Gardens

a swing in the middle of the woods

Hell Fire Club

Through the window

up the chimney

we saw a full rainbow arching over the view of most of Dublin

i felt as if i'd be swept off the mountain for this shot

yep, windswept

Fairy Castle

Countryside over the bog and the rolling storms

3 Rock Mountain

Still on 3 Rock Mountain (our last stop)


of course, i fell and hurt myself. you try cleaning out a cut when the water gets blown away more often than hits your hand...ah well.

about 25km, 7 hours, A LOT OF WIND, a dash of irish rain, a full arced rainbow arching over the view, and 3 deer.

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