Saturday, October 18, 2008


Prof O'Suilleahban in lecture: "depending on the rain, we may have to cross a stream or a river"
It was in-between stream and river. it was fast flowing and wet in any case.

Prof: "and there is a short walk with a slight incline"


Smaller satellite tomb

Kerbstones....we've had lectures on the exact measurements of these things

Passage of the Passage Tomb

a shot in which i use my professor for my own aims aka size comparision

smaller passage

See the rock art on the heaviest decorated kerbstone?

see any here?

A closer look, you have to see it now.

Cupmarks, a type of rock art

the chamber

The Grand stone...the only undecorated, pink quartz stone in the chamber and purposely balanced by a different decorated orthostat

look at that rock art!

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