Saturday, March 21, 2009

"We Need Jobs and Education, Not Wars and Occupation.”

went to the March on the Pentagon for End of Occupation (focus on Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan) in Washington, DC. Though I disagreed with some specific points and was unsure about some others including the efficacy of a march on the weekend (the Federal district of DC is like a ghost town on weekends), it was a pleasant peaceful march. A fair number of people showed up.

Pre-March Rally Action:

the "coffins" symbolic gestures of civilian deaths that were eventually placed as near as possible to the doorsteps of the major defense contractors

old hippies like these guys aren't too common on the East coast

a busy picture but you can still see the cut-outs of Picasso's Guernika.

probably the sign I agreed with the most

art not war

one of the most elaborate signs with red plastic soldiers and everything

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