Sunday, March 22, 2009

"We're fired up, can't take it no more, want money for (schools/housing/ healthcare/jobs), not for war!"

2nd half of protest post:
the march: beginning and end

part of the One World contingent with a Palestinian "coffin"

the first show of security was the bicycle squad, police cars and the mounted park police.

The ubiquitous counter protesters (I believe these are "Freepers") with direct personal attacks on their signs. Note that the protest did not go into Arlington cemetery but around using the unhallowed street, these guys with their sign are on actual cemetery grounds.

marching around the Pentagon

in Arlington the riot police showed up

You can't continue, you can't turn around. KBR (formerly part of Halliburton) with a peace sign

Protesters were allowed to place the coffins at the very doorstep of KBR

but at General Electric, the police began to block any access and movement. I particularly liked how this protest brought out a number of different types of people, from the bored college white kid on spring break to this observant women in niqab

Adrienne and Anna had to get out of the way as the police line advanced to lead us to stay on the sidewalk.

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